Cocktails (12/05/2017)

Excited but Depressed  | Suntori Toki, Cocchi Dopo Teatro, espresso tincture  12

Tang | a blend of 3 rums, lime, grapefruit, Aperol, Dry Curaço  10

Maestro | Plymouth Gin, Cardamaro, Lillet      13

Fall Spritz | Dolin Dry, Plymouth Gin, lime, grapefruit, vanilla, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, Q Tonic, prosecco |  11

The Dirty Centaur | bourbon, Cynar, Punt e Mes, Byrrh, Aztec chocolate bitters  16

Hot Buttered Rum | Havana Club Añejo classico, fall spiced carmel, hot water, whip  10

An Ocean Apart | Plymouth Gin, Dolin Blanc, Dolin Dry, Green Chartreuse, saline  15

Hummingbird | hibiscus, sumac, champagne  10

Kitchen Coffee | Buy the kitchen a round of drinks! We will love you!  10

Bartender’s Roulette | Feeling adventurous? Let us surprise you!  12